I have seen words on marbles. I have seen golden words. I have observed words that are priceless at their crude states. Incredible written and spoken words pass-by seconds by seconds, and of course I have tried to catch as much as I could by putting my ears on ground and adapting the omnivorous sight. I read anything, anytime; everything, every time until I once told myself, ‘everything had been written’…what else will I write?


Less I crowd the world of writers, I dropped my pen.But, I often would return my pen to my hands to store the wisdom I read or hear in the word-timelines.


Few weeks ago, I realized the physicists’ gene is in me too because I shouted, ‘EUREKA!’
The golden words are in me too, I will place my words on the marbles. They are not originated here but from the throne of the Most High !


You too,friend got them because when I hear, speak, see, read you, I scream ‘EUREKA!’

Welcome to my world…


-Success Timothy Ayo



3 thoughts on “WELCOME !

  1. The life of a writer is inspired. Thought up from expectations, views, opinions yet writers could or may not make a desired mark Eureka!


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